⍟ Th3DarkWolf 200 IQ CS:GO Trickshots, Spraydowns, Clutches (Best 2017-2019) Highlights

28 Jan 2020
216 Shikime

Put this together yesterday because RIP Kobe, I've been playing a lot more CS recently and I was curious if any of ya'll would still enjoy this content so please leave a rating and comment to let me know - i miss doing this so much and i want to do more of it but i need people to play with so add me up on Steam or join my group to chat!
Update I've also been playing Rocket League and Battlefield so maybe I will post some highlights from there too! Don't make me have to switch to CoD!
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Music Used: Mac Miller - Everybody

  • Old ak sound type beat please

    IcyyTagIcyyTagVit më parë
  • oh nice ur back

    xyoyosxyoyosVit më parë
  • Time flies bro

    TRPTRPVit më parë
  • Could it be? Are good old csgo videos back? Still admire your work dude

    Pablo ChávezPablo ChávezVit më parë
  • bro i called that clip would be in a video like 2 years ago im a psychic

    Noah MrveljNoah MrveljVit më parë
    • Si hi ALgones

      MarkaineMarkaineVit më parë
  • If this gets some good feedback i want ya'll go to give me sugestions on favorite types of content; montages, music videos, motivational content, tutorials, speedarts and anything else in the digital field. I'm really in-tune with this stuff and want to learn more about how i could blow your mind with not only my gamesense but my sixth sense. Amen and blesings to everyone here since we start goofing around in 2013, it's gotten 2 real on the skreets and it's time for a new wave. MUCH LOVE

    MarkaineMarkaineVit më parë
  • Wait you make non rap videos

    DANNYonPCDANNYonPCVit më parë
    • nice to see u again danny ur always first on scene

      MarkaineMarkaineVit më parë
    • i make alternative blessedness

      MarkaineMarkaineVit më parë
  • Welcome back.

    LeechLeechVit më parë