[CS:GO] faze the fuck up - ridiculous clutch compilation (60FPS)

10 Tet 2016
3 148 Shikime

dumping a lot of my csgo clips into videos since I'm planning on leaving the CS:GO community, i will be announcing my departure soon - hope you enjoyed!
Music Used:
Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch
Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough (Slander Heaven Trap Edit)
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Jane XØ - Hard To Forget
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  • How did you get that viewmodel? or are these old asf clips

    mokinomimokinomi4 vjet më parë
    • some of these clips are very old however i don't know if that means u cant get the same viewmodel

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • 6:37 da fuq was that throw XD that seemed like 50% luck and 50% skill

    Foxy MidnaFoxy Midna4 vjet më parë
    • some of the nades i threw in this video were pure luck but that one was actually intentional believe it or not, i practice side-throws

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • prefire on the 2:01 wtf ? )

    Dani CaliforniaDani California4 vjet më parë
    • that was a joke btw - i heard him

      MarkaineMarkaine2 muaj më parë
    • Dani California aimware.net ;)

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • The amount of times you didn't have a kit and Clutched.

    Korniest DanKorniest Dan4 vjet më parë
  • good shit brother :) 7:00 lol DEVIL

    foddyfoddy4 vjet më parë
  • Overwatch i think??? maybe when they release a patch similar to HLAE or RSDM...

    VervallenVervallen4 vjet më parë
  • go back to cod pls

    Mascot MonkeyFaceMascot MonkeyFace4 vjet më parë

    VIP ExperienceVIP Experience4 vjet më parë
  • Smooth plays.

    Pizza ButtPizza Butt4 vjet më parë
  • You are a fucking CSGO Master

    DCiphDCiph4 vjet më parë
  • "Im not in faze dude"

    RiffnodeRiffnode4 vjet më parë
    • xDDD that was my favorite part :D

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • wp

    ody vinty*ody vinty*4 vjet më parë
    • ty leo

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • Niiiiiiice :D

    BeastiiBeastii4 vjet më parë
  • yo man, since you plan on leaving where are you gonna go?

    mscvmscv4 vjet më parë
    • man but ima miss you, maybe we can hit up in whatever game you goin to

      mscvmscv4 vjet më parë
    • you will see soon!

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • NA players be like what's a headset?

    BeBoREBeBoRE4 vjet më parë
  • I can do this as well... the only difference is that I turn walls on :)

    Average ProductionsAverage Productions4 vjet më parë
    • ahahah i hope ur not srs

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • Aye that was sick

    FatNoobFatNoob4 vjet më parë

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë

    maxbarrmaxbarr4 vjet më parë
  • You are planning to leave the cs community? why and what other community will you join?

    Surya ShakamuriSurya Shakamuri4 vjet më parë
  • Nice vid!

    DCiphDCiph4 vjet më parë

    phroggyfilmsphroggyfilms4 vjet më parë
  • Some of these clips are sooo old lol. My faze awp 😉

    Noah MrveljNoah Mrvelj4 vjet më parë
  • north senkonorth senko4 vjet më parë
  • why are you leaving dawg?

    DragEsDragEs4 vjet më parë
  • First fk u

    TheTurboFDTheTurboFD4 vjet më parë
  • check out the description, and be ready for #TheEnd soon or should i say #Th3End lmao

    MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
    • you hit a trickshot in cs? and they thought... I so fucking done

      KerrolKerrol4 vjet më parë
    • @Carlos Sanchez dude im rain not apex, i dont sound like apex u can be apex

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
    • yo i didnt know you were apex

      Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez4 vjet më parë