Suky BUSTED for HACKING! - CS:GO Shorts

4 Sht 2015
10 544 Shikime

What's going on guys, it's The Dark Wolf here and today, I decided to make a conspiracy immitation video revolving around my friend Suky and all of the VAC moments that I've witnessed from him, seriously this guy's gonna get banned, reported.
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Stay Humble!
Suky's Channel:
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Laurent Caccia -
Music Used:
Future Heroes - World Destroyer (Epic Hybrid Choral Action)
La Caution - Thé à la Menthe Instrumental
Vanic x K.Flay - Make Me Fade
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  • hey he just might be on kennyS mode

    yesyes3 vjet më parë
  • 0:47 *"for your own healthy and well being"* *facepalm*

    BoomerBoomer4 vjet më parë
  • 'Gets one easy kill.' "DUDE YOUR A HACKER"

    phroggyfilmsphroggyfilms5 vjet më parë
  • Best bhopper ever?

    God MagikarpGod Magikarp5 vjet më parë
    • +SHvsu skgm LOL XD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Nice typo XD (when it said for your healthy)

    Oreo 1337Oreo 13375 vjet më parë
  • cserkészparancsnok? suky magyarvagyyyyy?! :o

    zZzZzZz0001zZzZzZz00015 vjet më parë
  • 2:12 Name of music pls? :)

    SCHAKAALSCHAKAAL5 vjet më parë
    • +Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! ty

      SCHAKAALSCHAKAAL5 vjet më parë
    • @DER SCHAKAAL 》CS:GO o shit dude ur right! added it just now, and here it is for you anyways: La Caution - Thé à la Menthe Instrumental my bad dude, had no idea weird.. :P

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • +Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! na this one isnt linked

      SCHAKAALSCHAKAAL5 vjet më parë
    • +DER SCHAKAAL 》CS:GO all of the music is linked in the desc my brother my friend

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Hey m8 i like your vids can you add me on steam id: ImSnacky

    --5 vjet më parë
  • Lol, cserkészparancsnok :D (i'ts 2 hungarian world :D)

    SyMa XSyMa X5 vjet më parë
  • .. it's was not cheats

    Илья МухинИлья Мухин5 vjet më parë
  • That intro had me dying. Keep up the good work wolf!!!!!

    aguaitaaguaita5 vjet më parë
  • Duuuude, where's the link to a reddit post? :D Well done as always. Please, never stop doing vids. c:

    LyeLye5 vjet më parë
  • Nice vid wolf

    NebsyNebsy5 vjet më parë
    • +Nebsy thnx nebsy! :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • nice reaction ;p. You could make some reaction videos or sth like this ;p Should go well. :)

    Aleksander SidorovAleksander Sidorov5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! I mean. I'm not the only one guy that likes reactions:p. It's always funny :). Make a video when you feel that you need to do it :p

      Aleksander SidorovAleksander Sidorov5 vjet më parë
    • +SuperDrFUTURE yeah bro for sure! i just have little to no motivation of editing :/ ive got MANY clips of me just screaming and yelling aha its crazy xD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Lmaoooooooo this was great hahaha

    TopsssTopsss5 vjet më parë
    • +Topsss aha im glad you enjoyed bro

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • 2 much for wolfy

    filifili5 vjet më parë
    • +Filitalianman i was gunna do that but still doing it idc :)

      filifili5 vjet më parë
  • I photoshop my name in. lmao Suky vac confirmed

    Marcel A.Marcel A.5 vjet më parë
  • Damn 0:59 I literally screamed "What the fuck" while wondering how the hell he hit that shot lol.

    JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
    • +JoshuaPlays ahaha ikr bro thats fkn vac!!!

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • 2:07 and he :D learnt :D how to bunnyhop! :D 'mazin :D

    IsddonIsddon5 vjet më parë
  • waow :D

    Gabriele MaistoGabriele Maisto5 vjet më parë
  • Your reactions tho lmao

    Dominic ParenteDominic Parente5 vjet më parë
  • Suky = blacklisted for hacking

    T10EditsT10Edits5 vjet më parë
  • Wait, so all this work. my life. has been dedicated to... a hacker?

    AristoAbstractAristoAbstract5 vjet më parë
    • +AristoAbstract bahahahah xDD yep! :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • M

    SoxSox5 vjet më parë

    FatNoobFatNoob5 vjet më parë

    FMFM5 vjet më parë
    • I miss phoon!!

      crnoocrnoo5 vjet më parë
  • Cyka BUSTED for HACKING!* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    froyo.froyo.5 vjet më parë
  • lol dat intro

    Alex ShomAlex Shom5 vjet më parë
  • rofl

    PohhPohh5 vjet më parë
  • anadar wan :D

    Zeh GreekZeh Greek5 vjet më parë
  • woah

    Dot!Dot!5 vjet më parë
  • That headshot was good but the rest of the clips were average..

    luke mluke m5 vjet më parë
    • @luke marshasll Oh and it was also the first skin i unboxed to lol. Meanwhile one my friends first case he unboxed (also when he was silver) was a field tested AK vulcan...

      JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
    • +JoshuaPlays xD

      luke mluke m5 vjet më parë
    • +luke marshasll When I was silver i used to think the p90 module was the best skin LOL

      JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
    • Ah I get you, I remember when I was silver I used to scream at shit like that

      luke mluke m5 vjet më parë
    • +luke marshasll i know man im just a fkn silver and put this up for the sake of making a goofy video aha :P

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • omfg, I love you

    HeliosHelios5 vjet më parë
  • That's it, rip my csgo career...

    SukySuky5 vjet më parë
    • Suky OP. Suky need nerf pls volvo fix.

      Sam SmokeSam Smoke5 vjet më parë

      D[A]rkD[A]rk5 vjet më parë
    • +Suky wrong nickname

      ContrastniyContrastniy5 vjet më parë
    • Enjoy your VAC! ;)

      KevinKevin5 vjet më parë
    • +Suky Dirty cheater m9. Kappa.

      JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
  • Better bunnyhopping than SCRIPTIEonPC

    DANNYonPCDANNYonPC5 vjet më parë
    • +DANNYonPC You do know he was on a server that made it easy to bhop right?

      sgtzack612sgtzack6125 vjet më parë
  • noob silver :D

    xyoyosxyoyos5 vjet më parë
  • wtf but its so bad why would u upload this

    horizonn ™horizonn ™5 vjet më parë
    • +horizonn ™liked your own comment, so bad.

      Darren ChanDarren Chan5 vjet më parë
  • Ahah nice investigations

    JJzMediaJJzMedia5 vjet më parë
  • Hes cheating his wife ? wtf D:

    KampfarschKampfarsch5 vjet më parë
  • rip suky.. happy vacation

    JackzJackz5 vjet më parë
  • wow brah, nice video the editing looks awesome (best reactions evah) much love. revV_

    Douglas S. CostaDouglas S. Costa5 vjet më parë
  • wow Cserkész parancsnok igazán bekeményített.

    ch gerich geri5 vjet më parë
    • +CHgeri100 Jaja :D

      SyMa XSyMa X5 vjet më parë
    • @Lebbenszki Attila k 2 magyar válaszolt ugyanazzal a profilképpel ami nekem van. k

      ch gerich geri5 vjet më parë
    • +CHgeri100 az ám xD

      Attila LebbenszkiAttila Lebbenszki5 vjet më parë
  • That blows intro gg

    Nikola GeorgievskiNikola Georgievski5 vjet më parë