"ENVISION YOUR DREAM" - Kobe Bryant Motivational Video (feat. @EricThomamsBTC)

29 Jan 2017
12 225 Shikime

This week I decided to create a motivational video about my favorite athlete of all time, the Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant has always been an incredible inspiration to me and when I heard this speech by Eric Thomas, I just felt like I had to create this short motivational video.
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Speech by Eric Thomas:
Music Used:
Strike Back - Scoring Audio Geeks

  • Wow Marko this is on some Mateusz shit bro you're gonna fkin make it

    Dominic ParenteDominic Parente4 vjet më parë
  • so now you're a white dj khaled?

    DedDed4 vjet më parë
    • Marko Halilovic what

      DedDed4 vjet më parë
    • not me aha ? :O

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • nice video. where did u get the footage from?

    Yash LaddhaYash Laddha4 vjet më parë
    • Searched ALgones for it, thanks :)

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • how did you do the text at the start.

    Domenic EliaDomenic Elia4 vjet më parë
    • ya it looks so sick.

      Domenic EliaDomenic Elia4 vjet më parë
    • Domenic Elia i used After effects and used preset animations :)

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • Make this top commment

    KLouisKLouis4 vjet më parë
  • I miss your videos,man

    LeighLeigh4 vjet më parë
    • MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë
  • I Love it and i love you

    AhmadNamaHDAhmadNamaHD4 vjet më parë
  • oh shit 2 sec ago

    xyoyosxyoyos4 vjet më parë
    • uh-oh :O

      MarkaineMarkaine4 vjet më parë