markaine - save me ft. ke0n (prod. sketchmyname)

5 Gsh 2017
3 856 Shikime

beat produced by sketchmyname:
collab with egan "ke0n" yi:
Special thanks to Ash, and Egan for helping make this video turn out how it did.
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countless hours of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing, designing and producing went into this video, please do me the solid of leaving constructive criticism and sharing this with your friends, it would mean the world to me, thank you so much for your time and i sincerely hope you enjoy, i put my soul into creating this.
i love you.

  • Nice CS video

    pizza boypizza boy2 vjet më parë
  • i miss wolfy, this some ass

    Boof BufferBoof Buffer2 vjet më parë
    • Fuck Russ 🤫🤫wolfys still inme

      MarkaineMarkaine2 vjet më parë
  • The 30fps destroyed it. This is the kind of video you really want to have at 24fps or even less. Honestly some distorting and autotune would've rounded the vocals up. Otherwise really good so far.

    NeekzuNeekzu3 vjet më parë
    • Thank you for the feedback Neek, this is exactly what I need to hear 🙏 I'll make sure that these notes are taken into consideration for the next edit/track bro. Seriously thanks

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
    • Oh and the voice is kinda low :D

      NeekzuNeekzu3 vjet më parë
  • Honestly man....this is pretty f*cking great. Your lyrics are super solid, and I can tell just from this song and how I see you in your video, that you're original. No fake in who you are. I'm sure you're passionate about what you do and how you affect others. Keep that up. I'll be looking you up on Spotify! Listen to your instinct and keep creating dude!

    Zackary HensonZackary Henson3 vjet më parë
  • please upload more

    BawxBawx3 vjet më parë
  • Damn wolfy going ham

    samuelsamuel3 vjet më parë
  • this is incredible! I enjoyed this a lot keep going

    xyoyosxyoyos3 vjet më parë
    • also editing is lit af

      xyoyosxyoyos3 vjet më parë
  • Yo, nice song as always but I have a question to one of your older videos (I was thinking my chances to get a response from you under your latest video would be higher, sry if this is out of context tho). I saw your video about Element 3D in After Effects and tried it myself, but I have the problem that in my clip the text is hidden behind a wall in the beginning and I only want the part of it that is not behind the wall to be shown in the video. How do I do that? I've seen you did it yourself in your video "MY BEST CS:GO FRAGMOVIE! #SoaRRC - (ft. MTH & Senzeeh)" about a year ago at around 1:46 in the video. I would love to get your advice as I haven't found any answers to my problem on Google

    Trid3ntTrid3nt3 vjet më parë
  • I would make your voice louder, otherwise dope as fuck!

    XeratorXerator3 vjet më parë
  • yoooo i love this!

    Grace FarringtonGrace Farrington3 vjet më parë
  • Actually really good! One thing you could do in terms of mixing, is have the vocal track be more mono and with less verb in the verses, and then in the chorus you can kick in the verb and widening/doubles/harmonies/etc... Makes the chorus pop and it makes the verse stand out when it drops out of the first chorus into the second verse. Keeps the song moving and keeps things fresh. You could also automate the vocal so that it's 1 or 2db louder in the chorus than it is in the verse. Other than that, the production is pretty good. Vocal could probably be louder overall but the frequency balance is good and there's no holes in the instrument range. Good job!

    Max GauthierMax Gauthier3 vjet më parë
  • Yo holy shit the production on this,great job Marko! :D

    The KnockoutThe Knockout3 vjet më parë
  • the video is great. all the close ups, the moving shots, everything is amazing. there are some parts where you edited a bit too much, but its totally fine. the audio is edited too much, i think you should have left it unedited. the lyrics are litttt overall, dis is some great shit :) 9/10

    vladipaz16vladipaz163 vjet më parë
    • truly appreciate that feedback, i will definitely keep all of this in mind for my next project, criticism like this really helps me for future work, thank you.

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • lyrics for those that are interested: hook (x2) i aint goin nowhere, im barely feelin myself im not feelin too well, im only goin to hell (verse 1) someone save im feelin wavy im losin sense of everything i used to have im feelin crazy and ive been thinking lately no one really seems to ever understand and all my friends think im innocent they dont know that this is who i really am let me be all by myself i dont care and i dont want your fuckin help hook (x2) i aint goin nowhere, im barely feelin myself im not feelin too well, im only goin to hell (verse 2) my world is crashing, no i cant stand it my will to live is hanging on just by a thread everythings collapsin and will i get past this? one day you’ll find me hanging in my cabinet im suicidal always taking chances. when we meet again i’ll be in a casket why you burn my passion and my soul to ashes i dont wanna keep living with depression hook (x2) i aint goin nowhere, im barely feelin myself im not feelin too well, im only goin to hell

    MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Umm why vevo in the thumbnail?

    SnjrSnjr3 vjet më parë
    • cuz im a wannabe lover

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • well this is a new level

    Kevin MervartKevin Mervart3 vjet më parë
    • :OO thanks man :D

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Repeat n.76

    A Mesto FilmsA Mesto Films3 vjet më parë
    • Ahmad M HAHAHAHHAHA 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love u

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Ayee

    north senkonorth senko3 vjet më parë
    • :DDD

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • The song is amazing! Truly deserves millions of views. Publish the songs to big youtube channels so you'll get more awareness

    Neomi SandlerNeomi Sandler3 vjet më parë
    • Will be submitting it to community channels today!

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Loved this

    JAFZYHDJAFZYHD3 vjet më parë
    • MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • 🔥🔥🔥we need some firefighters in here

    Vital CSGOVital CSGO3 vjet më parë
    • ahahahaha , thank you for stopping by bro

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
    • next video: Playing against Markaine is tricky

      snjokosnjoko3 vjet më parë
  • One wolffy

    LgorLgor3 vjet më parë
  • just WOW! *mindblown*

    foddyfoddy3 vjet më parë
    • thank youuuu

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Nice! :)

    Ascend DrewZAscend DrewZ3 vjet më parë
    • MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • yo this is dope, good shit marko

    filifili3 vjet më parë
    • thank you fili

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

    Pavle MilicPavle Milic3 vjet më parë
  • so fucking fire *illegal download commence*

    Steven SeijoSteven Seijo3 vjet më parë
    • bahgahahahaha

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Amazing editing Marko!

    Liam VukasinovicLiam Vukasinovic3 vjet më parë
  • Perfect, amazing, you went from a youtuber about csgo and making plays for entretainment and now you make art, love it

    Pablo ChávezPablo Chávez3 vjet më parë
    • Appreciate the kind words, I sincerely do, this means so much to me pablo

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • First

    MpwnstarMpwnstar3 vjet më parë
  • how can i make this keep repeating?

    Aydin YAydin Y3 vjet më parë
    • There's a loop button on soundcloud or you can even loop this youtube video on your computer by right-clicking and hitting LOOP, thank you!!!!

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë

    Connor BronzeConnor Bronze3 vjet më parë
    • thats mee

      MarkaineMarkaine3 vjet më parë
  • Who is this?

    Connor BronzeConnor Bronze3 vjet më parë

      Connor BronzeConnor Bronze3 vjet më parë