"THE APPRENTICE" - Best CS:GO Frag Highlights 2015

13 Nën 2015
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So I'm really trying to get better at my movement in CS:GO which made me start saving random clips on my alternate account that I thought were quite awesome and funny! I got really inspired by "2much4zblock" by Phoon and LOLYOU's monthly highlight videos that it made me wanna' be like them so I threw this video together! I really wanna' make more movement-related videos from CS:GO.
I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did, please be sure to leave a like as it always does help support the channel, but nevertheless guys, this has been Th3 Dark Wolf, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, stay happy, and be positive, and as always...
Stay Humble!
Music Used:
TheFatRat - Unity
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  • Found this vid randomly. Shits still wild

    OneFancyPersonOneFancyPerson6 muaj më parë
    • haha thanks Bro - had lots of fun making this one xD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 muaj më parë
  • I'm startin to try and do shit like that

    TripodV1TripodV15 vjet më parë
  • Man i want to get in a game with this god your crazy

    Joshua LabbeJoshua Labbe5 vjet më parë
  • Nah it's more failu and clicky crisp

    MykeMyke5 vjet më parë
  • See you at a million subs man keep it up

    Michael OstrowskiMichael Ostrowski5 vjet më parë
  • Wow really nice work ! Keep going!

    EmeraldEmerald5 vjet më parë
    • +Lady Panda Thanks panda!

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • wow, are you playing on us servers?

    GeorgeGeorge5 vjet më parë
  • great video dude :D

    Charley CastleCharley Castle5 vjet më parë
  • Marko... Where have you gone? :(

    Kelvin LaoKelvin Lao5 vjet më parë
  • I'm here now so when you hit one mil I can say I've been here since 10k

    HazzieMan MKIIHazzieMan MKII5 vjet më parë
  • haha, those are awesome clips and reactions good job Wolf!

    LeviathanLeviathan5 vjet më parë
  • Lol wolfy, i'm here with the guy asking about your yt channel at the beginning XD wish we could play again sometime

    Denis StanciuDenis Stanciu5 vjet më parë
    • +Denis Stanciu aha yeah man that was so much fun, if u ever see me on the wolfyv2 account feel free to msg me and we can get a game in! :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • miss you bro!

    Kelvin LaoKelvin Lao5 vjet më parë
  • I love the hackusations lol.

    JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
  • hay there

    MarkMark5 vjet më parë
    • mtsuprising

      MarkMark5 vjet më parë
    • +Mark hallloo :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • cool to watch

    reaLBERGreaLBERG5 vjet më parë
  • reported xd

    SpikeSpike5 vjet më parë
  • you got your self a new subscriber, i really enjoy your vids!

    mrk1mrk15 vjet më parë
    • +2fast4you hey dude! thanks a lot i rlly appreciate that

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Awsome dude :)

    ZyadZyad5 vjet më parë
  • ahahahah lmao x) sick frags buddy *orgasm*

    JackzJackz5 vjet më parë
  • Sweet clips&positive music. What can be better?

    TarnasTarnas5 vjet më parë
  • You really need more videos!

    GheoGheo5 vjet më parë
  • i like ur attempts at bhop (faiiiil) but otherwise a great vid

    Tin JamTin Jam5 vjet më parë
  • Teach me how to get good.

    Alex CollinsAlex Collins5 vjet më parë
  • EU - Opposite team calls you for hacks NA - Your own teammates call you for hacks

    TRIBLETRIBLE5 vjet më parë
    • +TribleChan LOL^ xDD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • why dont you make some frag movies with crazy editing?

    danthewizdanthewiz5 vjet më parë
    • +Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! Take your time man. Its gonna be worth it in the end. Just dont rush it or think you need to finish it. Do bits and pieces daily or weekly and before you know it, it will be completed. Thats how i make my montages, but they are not that good xD

      danthewizdanthewiz5 vjet më parë
    • +TheGamingWIZ no time to be honest man :/

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Have you got any idea of when the next started from the bottom is getting uploaded?

    gerrie brandsteeggerrie brandsteeg5 vjet më parë
    • @gerrie brandsteeg yeah aha i respond to every question and then i just leave a like on every other comment since i cant always reply to every one, but yeah i try my best man :)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • +Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! By the way I wanted to tell u I really appreciate that you read, respond almost every comment. not many people do so.

      gerrie brandsteeggerrie brandsteeg5 vjet më parë
    • +Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More!

      gerrie brandsteeggerrie brandsteeg5 vjet më parë
    • +gerrie brandsteeg most likely in the middle of this coming week bro!

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • omfg how

    HeliosHelios5 vjet më parë
  • Yo you spelled Apprentice wrong in the beginning :p Sorry just had to point it out (Idk if someone else did already but yeaa)

    c h e fc h e f5 vjet më parë
    • XD

      c h e fc h e f5 vjet më parë
    • +Icyyy oh... my.... god... fml

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Nah clips don't count when it's on your Silver 1 smurf mate. Srsly tho you're insane ;o

    Back Soon.Back Soon.5 vjet më parë
  • de_dann xd

    filifili5 vjet më parë
    • +Filitalianman DE_DANN LOLOL

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • lel

    FameFame5 vjet më parë

    LyeLye5 vjet më parë
    • +Ly Cruz (Lycruz)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • ahah xD nice vid!

    TroijjanTroijjan5 vjet më parë
  • Great job overall, I just wish the frags were without the HUD and stuff.

    JJzMediaJJzMedia5 vjet më parë
  • Just what I wanted to see

    Marcel A.Marcel A.5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More!

      Marcel A.Marcel A.5 vjet më parë
    • +Marcel A. ~ Motion Graphics i love ente dude

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • gg wolfy

    MltchellMltchell5 vjet më parë
  • damn dude that was EPIC :) dem noscopes

    TBNTEAMTBNTEAM5 vjet më parë
  • good job you cheeky scrub :)

    AristoAbstractAristoAbstract5 vjet më parë
  • smurfing is so sick to watch! ahahahahhaa

    YankeeYankee5 vjet më parë
  • m8 you are the fucking boss

    llamas0606llamas06065 vjet më parë
  • JiceeeJiceee5 vjet më parë
  • The COD kid reactions are real...

    Jonathan LindqvistJonathan Lindqvist5 vjet më parë
  • Almost 10k :o

    T10EditsT10Edits5 vjet më parë
  • Yea we need tha Bhops dude

    ̇̇5 vjet më parë
  • Amazingggg as always, bruh!

    The EurofighterThe Eurofighter5 vjet më parë
  • where is your bhop? ._.

    hiyrohiyro5 vjet më parë
  • Love you Marko

    foddyfoddy5 vjet më parë
  • video says 'the aprentice' rip

    OBEYOBEY5 vjet më parë
  • Nice frags :) now start to bunnyhop :P LOLYOU ILY

    LeechLeech5 vjet më parë
  • Really nice idea :D

    MaXsaMaXsa5 vjet më parë
  • Nice :)

    DaSoDaSo5 vjet më parë
  • Ik your voice do you have a ALgones channel. I await that day. Great video bro much kills so good.

    Nikola GeorgievskiNikola Georgievski5 vjet më parë

    abdow.abdow.5 vjet më parë
  • 1.

    Ben SwoopBen Swoop5 vjet më parë