VACusations! (INSANE CLIP) - CS:GO Shorts [60FPS]

26 Gsh 2015
21 458 Shikime

What's going on guys, it's Th3 Dark Wolf here, and I finally had the motivations and energy to start creating videos again! Sorry for being away for quite some time, had to take a short break, but I'm back and feeling better than ever!
Anyways, I decided to create a short video highlighting some of my more "insane" VAC moments, aha hopefully I don't get fuckin' VAC'd like my Origin, that would be fucking ridiculous... Nevertheless guys I really hope you enjoyed the video and if you did, please be sure to smash that like button as it always does help support the channel and truly does put a smile on my face, but this has been Th3 Dark Wolf, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, stay happy, and be positive AND AS ALWAYS...
Stay Humble!
Music Used:
Pull Up Your Jeans
John Newman - Love Me Again (FKYA Remix)

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  • I don't understand people they see you get like 4 wall bangs right? And they say you are hacking but if someone like KennyS would do that he would be fine with it! Like i don't understand the CS:GO community anymore its so strange it became just comparing people in how they play.

    sketchsketch4 vjet më parë
    • it's because you're just a stranger, but kennys is a pro player that they know and can trust.

      ashley pengashley peng4 vjet më parë
  • nice, funny videos man

  • rip ur skins

    madstaamadstaa5 vjet më parë
  • yeah dude muscle memory is hax.. i already know to do it like your sniper shot. luckily no one blame me.

    Amir NamateyAmir Namatey5 vjet më parë
  • to be honest i would have reported you as well lol

    MaxPareMaxPare5 vjet më parë
  • Teach me your ways, friendo

    VanillaConfusionVanillaConfusion5 vjet më parë
    • buy a silver account

      SkirmantuxSkirmantux5 vjet më parë
  • much slivers such wow

    tooerdomotooerdomo5 vjet më parë
  • 2:54 someone shoves a dildo in his ass LOL

    Pavle PavlovicPavle Pavlovic5 vjet më parë
    • +Pavle Pavlovic LOL ffs

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • that beginning giberish tho

    Gabe BGabe B5 vjet më parë
  • Smurf ≠ Hacker plz lurn

    Arkadius LArkadius L5 vjet më parë
    • +Steven J. Frankel not smurf either tho lol

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Nice. when i start again playing cs go xD it was funny i was getting repored every match

    Let's play GamesLet's play Games5 vjet më parë
  • 2:57 brazilian for sure heueheueheuh

    RPSOliveiraRPSOliveira5 vjet më parë
  • move your skins you might get a nova 1 overwatcher

    Drake FortelsDrake Fortels5 vjet më parë
    • +Drake Fortels ahaha thatd suck

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • I really want to play a match against you

    TSN KamiTSN Kami5 vjet më parë
    • +TSN Kami me too :)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • You fuckin fuck, just because i dont comment a lot in ur videos, do not mean i'm not ur fam! revV_ bitch.

    Douglas S. CostaDouglas S. Costa5 vjet më parë
    • +Douglas S. Costa LOVE U REV

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • crosshair ?

    inMarinMar5 vjet më parë
  • i dont like cheaters bra :c unsub c;

    Aleksander SidorovAleksander Sidorov5 vjet më parë
    • +SuperDrFUTURE xD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Dude your content is amazing, you deserved way more subscribers than 7k

    Josh ListonJosh Liston5 vjet më parë
    • +Josh L really appreciate that homie

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • wow, 4:3 stretched is so stretchy...

    LeinadlinkLeinadlink5 vjet më parë
    • +Leinad “leinadlink” link hence the name sTRETCHED

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • what do you record with :)?

    Lucas AckerbergLucas Ackerberg5 vjet më parë
    • +Lukiee - CSGO & More! everything is linked in my about section :)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Is it somehow possible to play with you?

    AnzerLpAnzerLp5 vjet më parë
    • +AnzerLp i play with subscribers via my smurf: WolfyV2 :)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • love your videos :D -tamago

    TheAdmiralTitanTheAdmiralTitan5 vjet më parë
    • +TheAdmiralTitan love u -wolf

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • 4 wallbangs, one match, not bad

    DANNYonPCDANNYonPC5 vjet më parë
    • +DANNYonPC u mean one round, ffs

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • Danny your everywhere xD

      Braden ParkerBraden Parker5 vjet më parë
  • Welp, rip wolfy....his skins will be remembered.

    bonkripper27bonkripper275 vjet më parë
  • Great video, dude. Love it as always. Nice shots btw. c:

    LyeLye5 vjet më parë
    • +Ly Cruz (Lycruz) thanks a lot man

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • This song reminds me of little big planet 2, sponsored confirmed

    eat my asseat my ass5 vjet më parë
  • i can see why they want you vaced

    FusionFusion5 vjet më parë
  • Why did you make your screen like NickBunyuns.... So Fuckigng Annoying..... I hate when people record in like 480p and render it as 1080

    The ViewerThe Viewer5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! im happy and sad at the same time..... Im Happy Cause Wolfie Replied... and sad cause he called me a Peasant and then said lol ;_D

      The ViewerThe Viewer5 vjet më parë
  • my wittle lil wulfy all beast n shit

    HeliosHelios5 vjet më parë
    • +NoVa Helios ahaha love u helios

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Such VAC,Much Rage....

    Reza F.Reza F.5 vjet më parë
  • Hacker xD

    ZyadZyad5 vjet më parë
  • Oh my god 4 wall bangs. That's insane!

    JoshuaPlaysJoshuaPlays5 vjet më parë
    • +JoshuaPlays rekktttt

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Wolf is a modder I have legit proof!

    T10EditsT10Edits5 vjet më parë
  • Gg

    Alessandro FeliciAlessandro Felici5 vjet më parë
  • Why do people type "haha" so many times when they get rekt?

    //Nate//Nate5 vjet më parë
    • +AmazingArrow sarcastic/on tilt lol :P

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • btw the top oh his gun was showing or rather the stock of the gun

    ZilanteZilante5 vjet më parë
    • +NässU FTW ohhhh i was WONDERING what that was, i thought it was just a small thing from like a CT soldier with no head armor, my bad :P

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Can u post your view model plz?

    TheQQrydzaTheQQrydza5 vjet më parë
  • .

    Dominic ParenteDominic Parente5 vjet më parë
  • xD Bruhh Gg pro

    RokanRokan5 vjet më parë
  • Haha amazing! 😂😂

    gerrie brandsteeggerrie brandsteeg5 vjet më parë
    • +Marek Lohuis :DDD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • poopsicle

    froyo.froyo.5 vjet më parë
  • love the serie keep going dude :pp

    Novo eu antiga shitNovo eu antiga shit5 vjet më parë
    • +Dileader (つ◕ 3 ◕)つ thanks a lot mand :DD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Great thumbnail man, also nice vid

    JJzMediaJJzMedia5 vjet më parë
  • duuude toggle off jeeze

    Nick CortrightNick Cortright5 vjet më parë
  • Great video dude, keep up the awesome work!

    Arshan KawasiaArshan Kawasia5 vjet më parë
  • GG Vacation time!

    FatNoobFatNoob5 vjet më parë
    • +FatNoob - CS:GO Content :'( i criii

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • I don't blame them. I would said the same if I were them haha

    king doggieking doggie5 vjet më parë
    • Should smoke the damn door if T's has an AWPer

      Karl My SuitcaseKarl My Suitcase5 vjet më parë
    • +Tommy Vercetti ahaha me too!! i wouldve been sick of that shit man xD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë

    PohhPohh5 vjet më parë
    • +Lupoh | Jordan "JM" XDDD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • 9lives is a ALgonesrs with like 300k I wonder if it's the same guy. Also I'm liking the new outdo song :)

    filifili5 vjet më parë
    • +Fili its always a new outro song u fker!!

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Just got a timeout on 30min cuz a guy jumped in my molotov.. -.-

    KladdPyro - Fyrverkeri VideosKladdPyro - Fyrverkeri Videos5 vjet më parë
    • +KladdPvP - Firework Videos baahahaha rip ;_;

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • How can do FAKE AWP STAT PLZ so importans

    Oyuncu DomuzcukOyuncu Domuzcuk5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! in video's cover i saw 4 kill in 1 bullet how you edit that plz help mee to want thatz so cool *-*

      Oyuncu DomuzcukOyuncu Domuzcuk5 vjet më parë
    • +Oyuncu Domuzcuk bahaha wat?

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • rip Wolfy see you on Overwatch.

    ch gerich geri5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! rip

      ch gerich geri5 vjet më parë
    • @CHgeri100 nooooo ahahaxDD

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! Sry. I already reported you. You can't do anything now. MUHAHAHAHHAAHA

      ch gerich geri5 vjet më parë
    • +CHgeri100 ;_; plz no overwatch ban m8

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • CYA on VACation mate

    MaXsaMaXsa5 vjet më parë
    • +MaXsa queue sad violin*

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • something special about your videos man! I always enjoy before watching xD

    A Mesto FilmsA Mesto Films5 vjet më parë
    • +JinXx - Ahmad love u

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Awesome vid! Nice knifes :D and hilarious edit!!!!

    EricTheTurtleEricTheTurtle5 vjet më parë
    • +Mr. Turtle Power (mako1966) aha thanks a lot man and im really glad you enjoyed!! :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • Vac incoming ...jk nc video wolfy

    Eric laiEric lai5 vjet më parë
  • you tried use sweetFX or 100% vibrance in gpu ?

    NoVa DCllENERGYNoVa DCllENERGY5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! ah ok :)

      NoVa DCllENERGYNoVa DCllENERGY5 vjet më parë
    • @NoVa DCllENERGY yes but then its too saturated for me :O

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf ★ | CS:GO & More! yes on youtube or just go to nvidia panel - find vibrance/saturation and set to 100%. csgo cc rly sux

      NoVa DCllENERGYNoVa DCllENERGY5 vjet më parë
    • +NoVa DCllENERGY no i didnt :O tutorials anywhere??

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
  • what does vac mean? is it a ban?

    TyTy5 vjet më parë
    • +Ty Stevens ye, its a ban :)

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • Valve anti cheat!

      EricTheTurtleEricTheTurtle5 vjet më parë
  • what's the font name you use on these vids?

    nklsnkls5 vjet më parë
    • thx dude

      Oyuncu DomuzcukOyuncu Domuzcuk5 vjet më parë
    • +NikzuHD Shark Random Funnyness :D

      MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • mee to asking

      Oyuncu DomuzcukOyuncu Domuzcuk5 vjet më parë
  • KQLY VAC ban? Nooo.... KQLY VAC ban? Seriously? Nooooo....... KQLY VAC ban? SE-RI-OUSLY???? Nooooo......

    AcetylAcetyl5 vjet më parë
    • Dimitri is online :D

      MaxPareMaxPare5 vjet më parë
    • thanks man :D

      AcetylAcetyl5 vjet më parë
    • +MysteryYoYo | Battlefield Recon Try make in - ez pz generator or download map in steam workshop "crosshair generator"

      NoVa DCllENERGYNoVa DCllENERGY5 vjet më parë
    • BTW i love your crosshair pls share ^^

      AcetylAcetyl5 vjet më parë
  • Im LEM, wanna do a game sometime? Btw, i make csgo vids too ;)

    Metal MonkeyMetal Monkey5 vjet më parë
    • @Th3DarkWolf loooool

      Metal MonkeyMetal Monkey5 vjet më parë

    G0hmaG0hma5 vjet më parë
  • Currently LIVESTREAMING @ ! Come stop by and say hi! Also it'd be greatly appreciated if you guys could support me on reddit!

    MarkaineMarkaine5 vjet më parë
    • i rememner when u were silver haha

      I'm RealmI'm Realm5 vjet më parë